17 maj 2017

DMF Third of May 2017

Game 1 vs Protectorate

So game one I'm paired up against a newer player with menoth. He had Malekus and Severius2. I'm pretty sure he will drop Sev2. So I drop Abby2. She got enough juice to hit through menoth dudes even without the charge.

So I go second. He runs up and mini feats with his Idrians, also giving them Arcane Ward. Def 19 makes them kinda immune to ravagore shots.

Carnivean doesn't care though.. Naga give him wraithbane and Carinvean assaults. He needs nines to hit, miss one boosted but hit one of the hard ones and he kills 4. Finally a ravagore walk up and hit the random 14. Killing 5 Idrians really puts him behind.

In his turn he shoots a bit at me. Trying to kill the Carnivean but falls short. Then he walks Sevvy2 into the zone to force me to contest it. That leaves Sevvy2 inside of 14" from Carnivean. So I just kill everything in the way and he dies from Carnivean to face.

Game 2

So if you have read my ideas you know I think trolls are kinda weak right now. So I felt rather comfortable with playing Abby2 into trolls. Doomy1 has gotten a lot weaker then in the old days but Abby2 has gotten stronger.

I get to start and that is always a good thing against trolls. They don't get that free turn to fill up the stone and run up into the zone. It means that he gets a nice forest to hide behind though and a nice place for his Earthborne to stand. Inside of 2" from a house and a piece of rough terrain.

So I run up and he runs up. Following the old and tested rule of Doomy1. Feat the turn after you want to feat.

So he set up Mulg and the Earthborne as my targets. It should be an easy turn. Flare them both and then send everything in. Abby2 with two charge attacks, 2 ravagore shots. Naga shot for a crit shadowbind chance. Then Carni into Earthborne and Ravagore into Mulg I fudge up though.

I play way to passive with Abby2. She slipstreams walks back out of Mulgs animus range to spiny and then repositions forward again. Then the Seraph rolls one shot and I flare Mulg instead of the Earthborne. Making that def 10 into 8 is totally super important instead of lowering the def of the Eartheborne. I also fail to do the Naga and try to get a crit shadow bind. Both ravagores should also go first and put one shot into each to stop him from whelping me for -1 mat. So carnivean goes in. Missed 4 6+ in a row and all of a sudden I know I will fall short. So shift focus into Mulg and he goes down but my plan failed. The Earthborne lives on about 15 boxes.

So since I fail to kill both I have waisted my feat and he can heal the Earthborne, rage it and it kills both Carnivean and Ravagore. I'm kinda sad at this point but I soldier on. His feat means I can't do anything so all of my stuff backs away. I try to shoot out the Mauler that had ran out of stone. I fall short a couple of boxes though since Absylonia2 misses a hex bolt. Fury 6 vs def 10 was harder than it should be.

 So once again a beast was left on a couple of boxes. It kills the objective and a ravagore.

 In some kind of desperation play I go for his caster. Abby2 kills the mauler. If he wants to reeve the fury he will frenzy with everything on the board. He does not want to do that though so I go for his caster. Seraph and ravagore can get to him. He has taken a couple of boxes from walking into scathers and stuff but it's not even close to enough. He transfers the one big hit and the rest does not do enough.

In his turn he goes for Abby2. It fails but one huge swing forces me to transfer to my last ravagore and it gets eaten by the earthborne.

With a minute left I go for Doomy. taking a couple of freestrikes on the seraph. Which leaves it on one box. Stone dudes hit hard. Not that I had a good shot at killing him anyhow.

I fucked this game up so hard. When he gives me two beasts it should just be game over. I could send in Abby2 as well. Giving me a couple of extra attacks. There is no way he kills me camping 2.

This is probably the archetype of a game to why some people don't like to play Abby2. I failed on the alpha turn and then the dice did not help. All of a sudden she is behind huge. The army is really a glass cannon but if I had stayed in there and not spent as much time as I did trying to fix my plans that kept failing I would have been in a good spot here at the end. The two forsakens do huge amount of damage into troll heavies. While Abby2 finishes of one steals it fury and walks away each turn.

I really need to start training with hardcore timing again. This is kinda ridiculous how much time I spent planning and planning again since my plan failed.

Game 3

It takes a special kind of self punishment to play against Nemo3. I don't fucking know what to do. Vayl2:s 15% is the best game plan I have found so far. I wanted to test Lylyth2 into it. I can shoot first and hopefully cripple his army.

So he goes first. Runs up outside of 23". Giving me those sweet 3" to run up the board. 

 So he runs up to where he threatens everything but is just outside of my aiming range.

So it's my feat turn and I kill 30 points of horses and in retaliation he kills 75 points of legion heavies. 

I try for an last ditch assassination it fails and he trivially gets 5-0 on scenario.

That did not work. Not at all.

Game 3

I'm down in the 1-2 bracket so I get a fresh face. Playing Cryx with Agathia. Well yeah. Stealth feat against legion that does not really work

Turn 1 he runs up I quickly kill 6 blackbanes with Lylyth, a ravagore and NBT.

So he runs around a bit more and I finish the game with putting my full feat into Agathia. She dies on the second ravagore. Camping everything is not as powerful as it was before.

When you only have 2 large bases to hide your caster with a Bolt thrower can totally wreck your day. Pew Pew.

2-2 is not the tournament result I wanted. I'm kind out of ideas for how to deal with Nemo3. I have tried Lylyth1-3 Abby2. Thags1, Vayl2 and I feel like there is nothing I can do.

22 apr. 2017

Invitational Game 2

Once again unto the breach, old friends, once more

So Olov won against Hans, Jarle beat Gustav, Joakim lost against Oscar. That left me with 2/3 to get Cygnar. I really hoped they would get each other. That's what they deserve. I feel really comfortable with Abby2 into Mercs. Of course that did not happen and I got Jarle. The toughest cookie on the block. He drops Sloan I drop Vayl2. He wins the roll and goes second. Like he should. This time he picks the correct side.

He makes a mistake in his deployment though. Uncharacteristic. I can place my Harrier so he does not get cover on a Hunter. That should let me feat and kill it top of one.

On my way home on Saturday I had a lot of time and I kinda knew this was a matchup I should expect to play again. I felt confident against the rest and Jarle was 9-0 or something at that point. Which is kinda funny when it's just luck I got through the first round. My plan was that I should be able to trample up and slipstream my two Carniveans. While still be out of range from the Stormwalls guns. Which was stupid. I forgot Heavy Metal got +2 deployment.
My feat rolled a bit under average and I left the Hunter on two boxes. 

In his turn 2 he can just walk up and shoot me. I'm surprised by his decision to not feat. Sure Sloan can't work but he will lose more Hunters in my next turn and then the feat will do even less. Anyway. In his turn all the damage goes into my right Carnivean. Dealing about 20 damage. Frefly kills 2 Hexhunters The damaged Hunter walks back and gets repaired. The other Hunters block LoS to him.

So he leaves 3 Hunters in perfect assault position for my Carniveans. I have some activation order problems this turn. I need one Slipstream on a Carnivean to get it into cover. Another Slipstream on the Bolt Thrower to get it in range. Lastly Vayl2 wants to move last to see what needs to get done.

So Seraph Slipstream the Carnivean that needs it. The NBT gets his Slipstream from the Bloodseer. In my plan from deployment the Bloodseer was going to be the one that contests the right zone. I also greed with my Sorc. Letting it walk, Windravager and reposition. Which leaves me without contesting the right zone and only Bayal in the left. Which is bad.

Anyway. My assaults kill the back hunter and does some damage into the front one. NBT sadly does not crit the Hunter or take out it's movement. So Vayl2 is left with only a Deadly Storm for damage but she spikes the roll and kills it.  She uses the last of her fury to heal my badly damaged Carnivean.

I place a Harrier in the way of the Stormwall charging my Carniveans. I don't really know why. This is his feat turn.

He kills my damaged Carnivean, the Bolt Thrower and all but a single Hex Hunter. He also scores to 3-0.This is bad.

So I spend a lot of time weighing my options this turn, I decide in the end to go for the Stormwall. I can get Carnivean and Seraph+Naga guns into it. As long as I don't roll a snake eyes to hit that should be enough. If it stands on just a couple of boxes after that I can get a shredder from the pot. As a last ditch. Pow 10 4 dice vs arm 22. It's something.

Which is what happens. I spike a bit so I don't even need the Naga or Shredder. Letting me contest more.

In his turn he does not forget to shake the Shadow Bind on Hammersmith. I had high hopes there you know :D I did totally not remind him about it. That would be a total breach in my conduct. So the Hammersmith proceeds to murder my Carnivean. His shooting kills the Sorc and softens up the Seraph a bit.

He also does a cute move here. When Sloan goes back and to kill the Sorc in combat he turns her so that he won't have line of sight to the Hunter that the Sorc is engaging. So in case he miss he won't have to roll against himself.

So in my turn I need to kill a Hunter in the right zone and Firefly+Pod in the left. Seraph aims shoots the hunter. Damaging it. The Bloodseer then goes in and kills it. Vayl2 Boundless Charge the Naga and Chasten the Firefly. Naga fails his family and leaves the Firefly on two boxes. Which means the pot can't create a Shredder to kill the pod instead it need to help with the Firefly. I don't know why I'm standing on 3 at this point. I should have spent more of my focus stack doing work this turn. Put up Admonition or something. 1 is plenty when your opponent only got 2 shots left in his list.

So in his turn the Hammersmith goes into the Bloodseer. I should have measured that more closely. I clearly could have been outside of 10" there. Did I mention that I have spent a lot of time at this point? His Hunter finally kills the Pot.

So in my turn I have to kill a Hunter and a pod in the left zone. Naga aims crits and does some damage. Vayl2 leaves it on a couple of points with two Chasten. Then Shredder goes in. Killing it. Leaving the trusted Shepherd to kill the Pod.

I have 13 seconds left when I end my turn here. I don't do anything with my Seraph or Forsaken. Both of which could have killed all the models that could contest. Leaving him without any options. I also could have put up Admonition on the Seraph. If I thought this turn through. I did not really have time for that though.

So in his turn Squire runs into my zone. JWC kills the Shepherd. Jakes kills the Forsaken. Sloan spikes her damage roll. Doing 14 damage which kills Seraph to the point. Leaving a confused Hammersmith with nothing to do.

3-5 on scenario :'(

It sucks to lose on time. I really should not have spent so much time on my options turn 3. Just killed the Stormwall and been happy. Letting him get 3 cp turn 2 is a kick in the nuts but I have to deal with that. I don't really see how I could ever contest on his feat turn.

So first off obviously Hunters need extra defense or I feat and kill them. Secondly he could hide the damaged Hunter behind 3" of forest. Then my sprays can't get to him. Thirdly he could keep the wall alive. Vayl2 was more than 21" away from it, since she did not want to get shot to death on his feat turn. If he just backs 5" and kill the Seraph and closest Shepherd, I will not be able to force the Carniveans or if he kills the Naga I have to Chasten away Arcane Shield. To do that I roll an eleven. Which can be hard at times. If the wall lives he got more options to use it's guns to clear the right zone the turn after. Killing the Bolt Thrower when I have already feated is poor targeting. The Naga and Seraph should be the priority.

Sloan is a problem and I don't know how to solve it in 2017. She is a grind monster and scoring the upwards 15 points you will need to win against her on scenario will be hard.

In his latest article Jarle uses this game as an example of why the Hammersmith is important. I just don't see it. He says that eventually something goes wrong. Well with a fifth hunter and smart play things don't have to go wrong. You get more shots. Killing more stuff before they become a problem. If I was not that low on time I could have placed my Bloodseer outside of it's threat and it runs around doing nothing. Speed 4 is a huge liability.

It's kinda disheartening. I have tested this list out a lot. Specifically against Sloan since I think she will be a problem and Jarle brings a Firefly to make my Hex Hunters totally useless. That changes the matchup a lot. I have started to test a version with two Neraphs instead. It feels weaker against normal Sloan lists but it's probably better against firefly builds. 

Loss, 1-1 in Invitational


I kill boxed my self and lost horribly.

Loss, 1-2 in Invitational, 5:th spot out of 8

21 apr. 2017

Invitational Game 1

Dice Happens

So Sunday it was time for the tough games. So the field I was preparing for was 3 Cygnar, 2 Mercs, another Legion and a Skorne.  I unlike the rest of these people had the ability to change up my lists. So looking at it we had Jarle with Haley2 and Sloan. The big problem. Then we had Wedding that was more or less one listing it with Haley3. Olov that had a crappy Stryker1 list and the normal Haley2 Heavy metal stuff. Then we had Joakim and Oscar. Both playing Bossrum and something that did not matter so Bossrum gets ADR. Gustav was bringing Lylyth3 and Thags2. Finally it was the Kit Kats+Makeda1 from Hans.

So when I look at that field I really want Abby2 against everything that is not Cygnar. Then I have a list I can tech as much as I want against Cygnar. So I look at my options. I think Fyanna2 got game against Sloan. Problem is she does not have game against Haley2 or 3. So she's out. Next on the block is Lylyth3.

People somehow think Lylyth3 is a good drop against Sloan. A good drop for me does not have an optimal play where you lose 1/3 of the time. If there is an objective she loses 2/3:s of the time. That's not a caster I want to use in my pairing to tech against Sloan. Not to mention how one-sidedly Lylyth3 gets crushed by Haley2. You can look at Jarles games against Gustav on his blog. It's ludicrously hard to play while Haley2 just rolfstomp towards the middle and eventually wins on scenario.

Then we had my secret pick. I was thinking about brining it. Thags1 with 3 Carniveans, Typhon, Seraph, Naga and 4 free solos. It's so much meat to get through. If you set it up correctly they can't get the Seraph and then you can slipstream what ever heavy that survives the Haley2 feat turn back into his army and wreck face. You often end up losing a Carnivean on her feat turn but you can feat that back and not many casters can trade feats with Haley2. It's terrible against Haley3 though. She just repudiates the Carnivean she wants to kill that turn and you are sad.

So I go for my comfort pick the Vayl2 list. I know neither Wedding or Olov have faced her very much in mk3 and it's easy to make a mistake against the list. Either playing to passiv or to aggressive. It needed a small change tough. I took out my Ravagore for a second Carnivean. Which is worse against Haley2 but better against Sloan.

So the first game I have 4/7 chance to dodge Cygnar. Also known as 3/7 chance to get Cygnar. Which I did. Dodging cygnar 2017 was not a working plan so far.

So I'm against Wedding. He plays the same old Haley3 list as always I think. There is a small twist though. He has brought in Gorman and Gibbs into his list. Which significantly changes the math on my assassination run. Something I don't understand till after the game.

So rolling for first. He has +1 but I really want it. So like a boss I roll a 6, he rolls a 5, then I roll a 6 again, he rolls a 5 again and finally I roll a 4 and he fails rolling a 1. So I get to go first. Woop Woop.

You really want to go first against Haley3. She needs a turn to prepare before she is ready to grind. So hopefully you can hit her hard enough to get her off the table. As I say that when I look at this I think I should have gone second. That side was so good and I can drag this out going for the scenario win I think.

He picked the side with a wall center in his AD. Letting him get a great starting point for Haley3 to grind this game down.

He makes the small mistake of placing two trenchers just straight over from Vayl2. On the AD line. So I don't even have to snipe Vayl2 to get to them. I chasten one boost to hit, killing it. The second I do the same. It toughs but I did not need snipe so I can afford another chasten. Knocked down means I trivially kill it.

In his turn he walks up does some damage to my carnivean. JWC:s charge kills the harrier and finally Arcane Shield goes on the horses. Gorman walks up creates a cloud. Then repositions out of it since Gibbs synergy. This gives Haley3 concealment against my assassination run. Letting her stand on two in the middle of the table.
When Wedding tries to hit over to me I remind that he has not activated all his models. So the last Grenadier walks up. Scatters a shot into Bayal. Killing him and another of his friends. That's what you get for being nice :'(

I try to grind first. It's always a bad plan against Haley3 but I try okay. Seraph walks up, slipstreaming Carnivean into range. Shoots the Grenadier, Flaring it. Naga gives wraithbane. Now Carnivean is ready to go and rolls terribly. Missing a lot of attacks. So he has to buy all 3 attacks. In my head he would kill it with enough fury left to spiny. Becoming somewhat of a problem in Haley3:s zone next turn. But nope. So the grind is going terribly. You know what that means. Time to go for it.

Haley3 is inside of 16" from the Bloodseer. The assassination run will not get better than this. Next turn Haley3 will have arcane shield so that will eat 3 more damage. I will get some random shots next turn though.
So my pot goes creates a Harrier. It runs into position. Bloodseer runs into position. Hex hunters have to go first they jam hard. To try and keep vayl2 safe next turn. Harrier runs into position so there is no wall between it and Haley3. Then Vayl2 goes for it. I boost Icy Grip for some reason. Dunno why. Should not do that. Anyway. Miss it. Chasten. Miss, Deadlystorm, since she already had a cloud. Miss. 3 missed 10:s in a row and it's time to pull the plug. I don't need 5 fury I think. So I chasten Gorman. Just since I hate Gorman. Hitting, but rolls snake eyes for damage.

Then my second carnivean shoots my carnivean in the butt killing a trencher. The bolt thrower kills a Horsie.

Now it's Weddings turn to start a 30 minutes turn. Everything is proxybased. He goes for his assassination run. Which is a lot better then my 20%:er. It's in the 80%+ range.

I don't see why he does it though. He could just grind. I lost my primary threat to Haley3. My only out in this game and it's gone. He should just grind this out. Take the free Carnivean, Bloodseer, Sorc and all the Hexhunters. Maybe even kills the Bolt Thrower if he had some attacks over.

Anyway. Wedding is known as the worst assassination player in the game. Not saying he's bad at it but for his skill level he's terrible. He always grinds. So he does not practice it enough. Leaving him with subpar skills. Then he makes mistakes. Proxy base machine ahead. The rock wall is to make sure he does get engaged after triggering admonition.

He starts it off in the terrible way, killing a Harrier giving me another transfer. Then Thorn gets shadowbound by a free strike of a Hex Hunter. A cav clears up the way for a trencher to run up against Vayl2. Then the charge aims and kills my Sorc. Which had a nice wind ravager on his whole army.

Finally it's time for the assassination run. Baby slams the trencher into me. Haley3 repudiates away my stealth and spiny growth. Finally grandma shoots me 3 times. Doing one crazy damage roll and two crazy bad damage rolls. So of course I transfer the 15. keeping the two low rolls. Then he got a 2 shots from a charge and 2 shots from a grenadier left. I have 3 transfers and 6 boxes. So all his attacks have to one shot me. First grenadier walks up and rolls a 14 on the damage roll that I transfer. Following that was a 5. Doing 4 damage. So I live. Woop Woop.

This is another example of the core principle. There is no safe assassination run. NEVER go for it unless you are behind in the grind.

Wedding concedes and I'm one win closer the prize. In my head the Bloodseer crit KD:s Haley3 and kills her.

Victory, 1-0 in Invitational

20 apr. 2017

Swedish mater game 5

Dream crusher

So next I get paired up and fight against Jocke Rapp, My captain in the WTC this year. He is playing Mercs at the moment or more correctly Bossrum and something. Today this something was a classic Damiano kingmakers list.

I feel okay dropping either of my lists against either of his. Either way his casters like to hand out a lot of focus. Which means they die a lot.

I decide on Abby2 since the forests make scathers really annoying for Damiano. That's why he picks Bossrum. A matchup I'm really okay with since he does not have enough shooting to threaten a spiny Abby camping 3 and she can just lead the charge. Letting the rest of my army out treating his. Forcing him to feat and try to jam me. Which is a horrible choice against Abby2. It takes mad dogs level of boxes and arm to actually jam Abby2. Which is thankfully gone from the game.

I win the roll I think. I go second anyhow. Which is what I want.

In his first turn he runs up. Puts FFE on the artillery and chillax a bit.

I run up and stand so I have 2" to the zone. Since I threaten 14" that means I should be able to charge everything that walks in I think.

I fail it though. Since he can contest on the right side since all my ravagores are on the left and the seraph can't one round a driller. So time to kill a caster.

Ossrum has run around and handed out all his focus doing stupid stuff like putting snipe on a gunner and energizing. He thinks he is safe behind his jackwall but he is not inside 1" of it and Ravagores got Arcing fire in Mk3.
Abby2 feats kills an blaster and all my ravagores can reach to walk and shoot him. Carnivean can assault to hit him and seraph can get around the jack wall to flare him.

Down goes the greedy little dwarf.

So I end 4-1 in the Swedish master and grab second spot since my SoS is bonkers. This grabs me a spot in the invitational on Sunday.

Victory, 4-1 in Swedish master

Swedish Master Game 4

Raid Boss

If you are astute you have noticed that all my three last opponents were Norwegian and like in a video game when you beat 3 small bosses the final boss comes out. So it was time for Jarle. Once again Sloan+Haley2.

So another Vayl2 vs Sloan matchup. He wins the roll and picks to go second. Like he should. Then he somehow picks the wrong side of the table. Giving me two great Linears and a forest to stand behind.

So in my first turn I put a pow 13 bolt into the middle hunter. The hill means I have to boost to hit and then I can't afford the two chastens, I got last game.

In his turn the stormwall walks up and kills my sorc in cover and the hunters on the hill start damaging the Seraph. Arlan also heals all the damage I did first turn. I'm sad.

So the Seraph hides behind the forest, on the right flag, and I prepare to take it and the middle flag. I have made a small mistake though. When I measured that the carnivean would be able to charge what ever contested I did not thing about slipstreaming around the wall costing me a little. So the wall could contest outside of my threat which is not good.
I also do a cute move. Giving stealth to the Bloodseer which is the only thing the JWC hunter is in range to shoot. Occultation is not worth much against Sloan but you can protect yourself from Jakes/JWC:s and their jacks shooting.

In his turn he feats, kills the Hex Hunters. It was looking really well for me until the last Hunter since he missed a lot and rolled poor damage on the carnivean in cover with spiny growth. He also wasted a lot of shots into the hex hunters to avoid getting jammed. So my carnivean is looking healthy then the last hunter walked up and did 20 damage and killing it. Bringing him back into the game.


So in my turn I need to Chasten away Side Kick to let the NBT push Hammersmith out of contest range. Then a Chasten, a Ravagore shot and boundless charged Bloodseer needs to kill a hunter and I go up to 3-1. I sit and try to decide if I should feat or not. If I feat I could slipstream the ravagore into aim range and get another chasten+ deadly storm. Making sure to kill it. I decide to not. Which was once again wrong but yeah. I got greedy. So Vayl2 walks super far back. Then the Ravagore miss. The Bloodseer charge out of my control. Womp Womp.

When I look at this turn now I don't know why I used the naga to arc through. I could just have created a harrier and ran there. Netting me the Naga shot as well and then maybe I don't need my feat. Oh well. 

I had my shot and I failed it. I should probably feat walk up and camp a bit. 2-1

So he starts cleaning. Wall and Hunters shoot the ravagore of the table. He also forgets to contest with the pod so a hunter has to run over. 2-2

Vayl2 just heal and run into cover. I have lost the grind and I will not be able to get the scenario win at this point. The stormwall can just run to contest 2 flags and hammersmith on the last. I have lost my chance to kill it. So all I have left is a desperate line to Sloan next turn. 2-2

In his turn he creates Fort Sloan and goes up to 2-4.

Seraph apparition and runs down. Taking two free strikes that leaves it on 1 box. Vayl2 has to not roll a nine on the damage. Which she promptly does and there is no assassination run.The odds of me killing him is abysmal even if I didn't roll the nine. Since I had to waste a bolt on jakes and then roll two 15:s on damage.

So after two games against the same list I felt like my list could use some change. The ravagore is a liability in this matchup. Jakes and side kick on a jack also makes it a lot more possible for Sloan to hide than I'm used to. But if I feat and kill that hunter the game might end before the ravagore weakness matter.

As always. You will lose the grind to Sloan. Just try to win on scenario before you do. That will not be a possible plan in 2017. I don't know what to do against her then.

Defeat, 3-1 in Swedish Master

19 apr. 2017

Swedish Master Game 3

Dodging is hard work

A lot of the usual suspects was knocked out at this point and it started to look like I actually might be able to do this. I had successfully dodged Cygnar the first two rounds and Wedding+Olov was out two of the Cygnar players I was scared of.  This was starting to look like my tournament.

Tor my next opponent did not only play Cygnar. He had the Sloan and Haley2 pair that I hate so much. I have tried to tech for it but so far I have not found a list that works. He did not play the normal lists. Instead he had small twists. Sloan had a Hammersmith on Jakes instead of the normal 5:th hunter I play. His Haley2 Heavy Metal also had a Hammersmith. Something I don't understand. I want to be fast not have a speed 4 model. I don't like his twists but yeah. It's what Jarle plays as well apparently. Looks like a bad change in my opinion.

If you are bringing Sloan to a tournament it's to scare Legion and Krueger2 players with the shooting skew. So making that list more generalized by involving anti jam in your list is not playing to your core concept. I don't like it. Haley2 is so good that you can just skew your second list to stomp specific matchups. If you are scared of jam I think Pats version where you trade 3 hunters for 2 defenders is better than this list. I played Lylyth2 for years without any anti jam tech and it worked just fine.

He dropped Sloan anyhow and I dropped Vayl2. Sad times ahead.

He wins the roll and decides to go first for some reason. You really want to go second in this matchup. 

I pick the side with a huge hill in my AD and everything gets on it. 

In his turn he runs up and the Vayl2 pain train is ready to start. She puts 2 chasten into the hunter behind the forest and cripple its cortex. Then the rest of my army runs up between Vayl2 and the people trying to kill Vayl2.

He feats, kills Seraph and Ravagore. This hurts but he has walked up Sloan so I can get the sorceress into her back arc. Time to go. I spend about 10 minutes planning out how I will do this.Sorc will walk up sprey, reposition inside of 8" of Sloan in her back arc. Carnivean will assault and Bayal will sprey. She is on 2 camp. She is so dead.

Then I walk up Vayl2 before I walk up my Sorc. So yeah. That plan was out, I shift gears, camp 4 and wait. My opponent is significantly lower than me on time. So time to stretch this out.

In his turn he rolls horribly and only precisely kills the Bolt Thrower. While Sloan is done with this game. Running 12" backwards.

So in my turn I have the scenario play. Carnivean gets boundless charge to kill a hunter and pod. He takes movement on charge swing and then trivially kills the hunter. Leaving him with enough fury to Spiny. Vayl2, Naga and Bloodseer kills the firefly in cover. Pot is in sacrificiall position to protect me from the assassination run. Forsaken and Shepherd are out of 17" from the stormwall. So he has to commit a large shot on them. Leaving him with 2 hunters and 2 big guns from wall to get the job done. On Vayl2 with one camp. Should not be enough but sometimes it is.

I probably should have feated this turn. To make sure the firefly dies and to camp 1 more.

In his turn he tries to kill the carnivean but he does not get enough shots into it. With spiny growth it should take 6 shots to kill it. Something his list does not have anymore. Only a pod contests my zone.

So in my turn I kill the pod, heal Carnivean 5 and run into the zone. While Naga and Bloodseer gets in the way of Stormwall contesting.

My opponent is really low on clock at this point so he makes a mistake and takes a free strike from Bayal. A shadow bind later he concedes.

Holding my feat makes sure that Sloan can never ever dominate the zone so even if I bleed points in the right zone it does not matter since I can dominate my way to the win. The Bloodseer was king. I'm in love with the little guy. You get so much utility for 8 points.

I really fudged this up when he walked up Sloan.  She should be totally dead but yeah. It's nice when you can make it work even after a huge fuck up. It really scared my opponent and he did not use Sloan anymore the rest of the game.

I think he also made a huge mistake when he never repaired the damaged hunter. It should just walk towards Arlan when I knock out the cortex first turn.

Legion Victory, 3-0 in Swedish Master